April 21, 2023


The strategy that will help you generate more results by educating customers about the solution.

One of the major current issues in the decentralized world is knowing how to invest correctly and effectively, in order to filter out "scam" projects or those with malicious intent.

Let's share some tips on how to filter projects.

Read the whitepaper

More than 90% of decentralized projects create a document whose name is "Whitepaper". It is important to read these documents, because they contain all the information about the project, it will be there that we can identify the purpose of the project. We must pay attention to the purpose of the token, and try to interpret whether the project idea can have a future, or just another pump and dump project.

Check if contract is audited

An audited contract transmits security to the investor, in it we can identify the flaws in the contract and, above all, understand the possibilities of having malicious functions in order to harm investors. Whenever there is an audited contract, we must read it and try to identify if there are flaws, or functions with ulterior motives.

Verify that those responsible for the project are public

Checking those responsible for the project generates greater credibility so as not to fall into a "Scam", when the projects present the team, their public social networks, their linkedin, we can study the competence of each one of the team, in order to understand the each one's abilities, their competences.

Analyze contract wallets

For those who have the ability to verify the wallets linked to the contract, which contain functions or tokens, we must do a thorough study. The first point is to identify if the project's liquidity is locked and for how long. The second point is to check if there are portfolios with an execive amount of tokens, so as not to download them on the graph. The third point will be to verify on a monthly basis that the portfolios of the team, contract, marketing, etc., are not carrying out strange movements that could influence the graph.

Analyze the aesthetics of the website

A project that intends to last is always concerned with presenting the image to the public, something that captivates investors and pulls them to invest more, however there are "scam" projects that set up a site quickly and without aesthetics, in which case we should be suspicious , as this could indicate a possible scam, have you seen any successful token projects without a good public image? It seems not!

Analyze movement on social networks

Checking the movement on social networks indicates whether the team is focused on building the project correctly, we must always see if what is posted is fulfilled, they may even be late because it is part of it, but promising something and not fulfilling it only serves to generate movement graph, leaving the project slowly dying for lack of words. A good project is always to share something about yourself daily or weekly.

April 21, 2023


The technological market is always in constant evolution seeking to boost the adoption of WEB 3. Blockchain is the great support of WEB 3 and as a result there is a large flow of entrepreneurs focused on creating opportunities to capitalize on their ideas through this new concept. That said, we want to help you understand that to succeed in this journey, there are strategies to leverage your idea, and make it reach the much desired attention of the crypto community.

As the network is aware, the crypto space has grown exponentially in the last 5 years, and it is no wonder that many people are migrating to the new internet, and as a consequence this has created fierce competition for the money that is on the fence . Many projects are born daily, the investor is bombarded daily in media channels, and to stand out from the crowd has been a big challenge for crypto brands. In this post, we wrote 6 strategies that your brand needs to take seriously to be noticed by investors in 2023. Special care with the branding of your project, with community management and having a great relationship with the media are strategies that can take your project to another level compared to competitors.

If you want to succeed with your cryptographic project, you will need to stand out from the competition and nothing better than communicating your purpose in the right way. Fortunately, there are some proven strategies to get your brand noticed in front of many. So, if you want to launch your unique crypto project this year, here are the 5 strategies you need to know to make history in the crypto industry:

Visual identity needs to invest efforts in it

The visual identity of a cryptographic project is extremely important, as it shows who you are and how seriously you take your image, in addition, it is the way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Is there a well-known saying within advertising agencies that the first impression is the last impression? So I'm happy to confirm that it's true. The first impression given to your audience greatly influences their opinion of you, and if you want to see their money invested in your project, it's good to win them over in the first contact.

Clearly define your ideas in your whitepaper and website

If you're not one of those lucky ones who create websites and whitepaper anyway and it works, you need to have a line to follow in that creation so that people trust your cryptographic brand. It may even seem superficial to get this attention, but people only believe in projects that demonstrate this on their website and whitepaper. Having a professional website, with quality look and content, will help your business to show that it is reliable. And don't forget: Your whitepaper is your main seller, it's through it that people can see how professional your project is. Describe everything about your project in it, and don't forget to emphasize the reasons why you created your project.

Take good care of communities and their social networks

Many brands still do not realize the importance of having excellent network management, and that this cannot be done anyway. It's not enough to have a profile on social media, make random posts and expect surprising results. It is essential to have a solid online presence and a content strategy that raises the level of your project so much that it seems that they are in front of a gold mine, this is one of the keys to the success of any crypto project. It is necessary to understand that the strategy of using digital media to expand the reach of your project needs to be explored correctly. Therefore, hiring a professional agency to do the job is of utmost importance. Bringing members to the community can be an easy job, now engaging and encouraging the community to invite friends can be the difficult task, so you need to have a great integrated marketing strategy.

The importance of public relations on WEB3

Communication plays a big role in brand management. And it is at this moment that public relations come into play to ensure that its differentials are recognized, and as a consequence, to strengthen the relationship with the public, guaranteeing communication of excellence. Connecting with key crypto influencers and keeping them up to date on your project is what you expect in the PR industry. Delivering information to the media about your brand is ensuring that the message is conveyed correctly. Crypto marketing experts know that you can build your sustainable community using Twitter and other online platforms. And for that, excellent work by the public relations team is required.

Have a smart crypto marketing strategy

I've seen several significant projects die without having the chance to flourish, that's because there's no point in having a great project if people don't know about it. It is necessary to have defined a great marketing strategy to generate awareness and interest in the crypto community. It takes a certain wisdom and knowledge when creating a campaign, this includes leveraging choosing the right channels – social media, influencer campaigns and doing excellent content marketing. Your goal is to build a sustainable community that can support you as you scale your cryptographic project.

By following these tips, you can build hype around your crypto project and ensure it stands out from the competition in 2023.

Good luck and count on NW3!