What we do

Many projects make mistakes when it comes to positioning their brand in the market, they end up wasting time and money with disorganized and inefficient communication. As a result, they miss the chance to target good investors. It sounds obvious, but your brand needs to speak clearly so potential investors can understand your message. When a potential person comes into contact with your brand and is exposed to difficulty understanding what you do, rest assured that he will leave.

Another point is that if you can't transmit all your values because of a confusing speech, you'll leave the way open for another project of your same niche to come and take your place. Within each niche, the winner is always the one who manages to communicate well, communication is the basis of trust and perhaps trust is the basis for the growth of projects on WEB3.

Many projects die because of not being able to communicate with the right audience in the right way. And that's why NW3 is concerned with providing excellent brand management, because we know what's at stake, and that's why we do it step by step:

- 1st Research: We do a deep immersion to understand your project and the market in which it is inserted, we organize all the information collected, we define an ideal persona, we establish the guidelines and we build a true platform, that really tells about your purpose, positioning, and values.

- 2nd Strategy: After creating your brand platform, we create all the visual identity, applications and expressions of your brand. For example, naming project (creation of company name), logo, in addition to creating strategies for promotional campaigns and digital marketing.

- 3rd Execution: We add all this to a persuasive narrative capable of enchanting your potential investors more and more. At this stage, we create the launch campaign for your brand/project to start presenting itself to the market. At this point you will be prepared to fly much higher.