What we do

In order for your project to be known and people to be aware of its existence, and the exceptional achievements it can achieve, you need an effective marketing and public relations strategy that works for you in the blockchain sphere. Our team of highly skilled NW3 experts are more than capable of crafting a comprehensive crypto public relations strategy to meet your business objectives.

- Stages of an Effective Strategy

Assessing Business Mission and Objectives - The first step is to understand the vision of your cryptographic project. Having a clear vision of your project goals gives us an enhanced view of what the crypto PR strategy would look like.

Targeting - Second, identifying your audience's preferences allows us to create a much more effective public relations approach that speaks directly to that demographic. The process of identifying the target audience is crucial as it leads to high conversion rates.

- We are ready to offer

Evaluation of public relations channels for the target audience, as all channels can be considered depending on the cost versus benefit criterion;
Development and implementation of cryptographic PR strategy;
Optimizing the Cryptographic PR Strategy, it is important for a crypto startup to fix any weaknesses or loopholes the public relations strategy may have;
Our team of experts will look after your business viability, business success and long-term growth.

- What can we do for your project?

Location - We make the content and resources related to the crypto project available in local languages so that users in all target countries have a better understanding of your brand and product. Your project can attract more investors and users from all over the world as it offers much more visibility and exposure.

Media disclosure - We create relationships with different media partners to publicize your project, as presenting it in the best channels is the basis for a good strategy.

Public relations follow-up and reporting - Our focus is to know precisely what is working and what is not, in order to focus our efforts on the right path. That's why we monitor and generate highly insightful reports to better understand what's happening with the strategy.

Promotional video creation - We build high quality videos that help you present your project and explain different aspects without complicated blockchain jargon. Videos can circulate through a variety of channels, including social media and video hosting platforms like YouTube.

Press releases and news distribution - Keeping your crypto project in the news cycle so that a wide range of blockchain stores pick it up and spread the news about it further is what news distribution is all about.

Opinion leaders - We have cordial relationships with the industry's most respected thought leaders and influencers, so we can help expand the reach of your crypto brand and get people talking about it.