What we do

The collaboration strategy of influencers in brand growth campaigns has become something popular and highly profitable nowadays. The fact is that people prefer to listen to the voice of their favorite influencers than to make their own decision sometimes, and this in blockchain was even more driven, as they often do a project analysis. With the influencer's trust, your project also gains trust. That's why we pay special attention to influencer marketing strategy. Coupled with promotion in local markets this approach yields excellent results with a minimum of conscious effort.

- NW3 connects you to the biggest influencers in south america

Our team works with several blockchain influencers and other video creators, who are ready to tell the world about their project or startup.

● Your project is reviewed and shared by opinion leaders who have a loyal audience.
● The more potential investors know about your blockchain, the more likely they are to invest. People tend to trust those who describe projects in full detail.
● The influencers we collaborate with will be keen to showcase your idea in the best possible light. They easily convinced the public that the solution under consideration deserves attention and support.