What we do

The marketing intelligence methodology is applied digitally with the support of data collection tools, using techniques integrated with the B.I. (Business intelligence). Data is captured at the source, market and behavior of online users. Combining marketing and B.I, we have the following objectives as the target point of this strategy:

● Increase your project's exposure to potential clients
● Optimize the resources spent on test marketing;
● Establish a digital image to strengthen the brand.

Using this strategy, the focus is on increasing the conversion base. Stimulating the use of resources in the right strategy, based on data-driven analysis.

- Why use intelligence marketing?

Marketing intelligence helps organize data and understand relationship structures. With data analysis done correctly, marketing efforts will be focused on what brings results. The more effective the connection he will have, and that is gained only through time. The technical marketing intelligence solution is not limited to this, it can also integrate this data and build strong and lasting relationships.

- Benefit from using marketing intelligence!

Using marketing allied with B.I helps reduce risk based on strategic data. However, strategies need to generate precious insights to improve decision-making, thus obtaining:

● Smart analytics;
● Identification of the channel with the highest return;
● Preparation of specific campaigns;
● Cost reduction;
● Growth Forecasts.