Katana Inu

NW3 work on this project

What we do on Katana Inu?

Katana Inu is a crypto-based (NFT) PC game with high quality graphics and limited NFTs. It is a third-person game that focuses on fast-paced sword and spell fighting.

Scope of work:
- Marketing Management in Brazil
- public relations in Brazil
- Brazilian community growth and management

Objectives: Brand awareness was one of the main objectives, in addition to influencer marketing strategy for rapid growth of the member community and entry of new investors

Initiatives: After the plan was created, we implemented it. Showing the quality of the game and its medium-term growth potential through influencer marketing and public relations.

Results: We grew the Brazilian community on telegram and discord, with educational content and being driven by influencer marketing. We took action for chart growth leading to a rise of over 500K USD and supported NFT sell which raised 1M USD. We made Katana the most talked about project in Brazil for a whole weekend, it was talked about in several crypto communities in Brazil. By the end of our partnership, Katana had a roi of over 800% on the chart and community of 5K+ members.