The Last War

NW3 work on this project

What we do on The Last War?

THE LAST WAR is an online village building and base strategy game in Klever Chain. The game focuses on player-versus-player PvP, though it also features a "campaign" in player-versus-environment PvE mode. As the game progresses and the village improves, the rewards to be obtained increase.

Scope of work:
- Marketing Management in Brazil
- Public relations in Brazil
- Brazilian community growth and management
- Token sales

Objectives: Rapid growth of communities and knowledge of the project to run token presale.

Initiatives Influencer marketing strategy for rapid growth of the member community and entry of new investors. + PR and KOL and shill in telegram communities.

Results: We grew the Brazilian community and the official one on telegram and discord, with educational content and being driven by influencer marketing. We helped set up and execute the token and NFT sales strategy, raising a total of 260K USD. We made The Last War project well known in Brazil and it was talked about in several crypto communities and by influencers. By the end of our partnership, The Last War had a roi of over 700%.